Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's time to get serious about my weight

It’s true, I’m fat. Not just chunky but fat….

I’m not sure why it has taken so long for me to come to terms with it—burying my head in the sand was a lot easier! It’s not like I haven’t been trying—working out once a week with a personal trainer and going to Pilates class for two years now.  But I have got to get more serious. I need more cardio and less food! Those numbers on the scale have gotten too big and I can’t keep doing what I am and expect anything to change. So here is the new plan—

I am cutting out sugar drinks—no more sweet tea or Dr. Pepper. I am going to make myself like water if it kills me! (ha) I am going back to paying attention to portion control and splitting meals with Duste when we go out to eat, when we can. I am cutting out bread, pasta and cheese. This is going to be hard; we really like bread, cheese and pasta!

I am going to see the personal trainer 2xs a week—Tuesday and Thursday for 30mins of fun!

Wii Cardio 20min workout—Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. This is good because I can do it at home!

I will also be walking Ivy a mile on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday—weather permitting

My new doctor—who is trying to figure out why I am so exhausted all the time, has a diet plan with all natural vitamins that has proven to be successful with others. I am going to talk to him about these options on my next appointment in a few weeks.  

Goal—my goal isn’t to be what the charts say I should be, which is 120. I was happy when I was around 160-170. I want to keep my curves; I would just like to have a more defined waist and healthy!

Deadline—I am giving myself 4 months to see results. My personal trainer says all she needs is 60days, so we will see.

I am on my way…..


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  1. Your NOT fat! i'm fat, you are not fat.