Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Living in the moment and Patience

Living in the moment

 I think that is what I am supposed to learn in this life time. I have never really lived in the moment. I have always looked to the future and treated the present like something I had to get through. I think that comes from my experiences as a child and it became a habit. My present isn’t bad, my present is great. I need to learn to live in the present. I am a planner, always planning for the future, that is another reason it is hard to live in the now.

Right now I have a loving, wonderful, caring soul mate; a supportive soul mother and two reliable in laws. Both my sisters are relatively stable and doing so independently. I have a beautiful home that we are still able to remodel into our dream home. We have Ivy Rose the crazy high energy puppy! We have a saving account and we are able to pay all our bills every month without fail. We have a new to us car that is dependable. I have a job that supplies me with good insurance which allows me to take care of myself. I am tumor free for 2yrs now and more physically active then I ever have been. The present is a great shinny place! I should stay here more often.


I believe I am getting better at this one. I feel I am a more patient person than I was a year ago. I know with every fiber of my being that when the time is right our career life will get back on track. I believe it was derailed for some unforeseen health issues we couldn’t have planned for nor handled if we were where we thought we should be. Instead of sulking and feeling sorry for us, I instead chose to see the good in the situation and take advantage of it. Everything is going to be ok!

My goals in life are to be as happy as possible, work on being patient and living in the moment.

I think all these are reachable; after all it’s all about attitude. Which my happy pills are helping me adjust!

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