Friday, August 3, 2012

Doing the Happy Dance

Good News! We are the proud owners of a new to us 2005 Ford Focus!! It is black and a 4 door! It will be getting customized to look a little more like us but we are already in love with it! Miss Ivy Rose seems happy as well, so it is a keeper! This weekend my little man Keaton will get to see his NawNaw has a new car—these can be confusing times for a 3 yr old.

 My last car,  a 1994 Grand Am 4 door,  air conditioner could not be revived no matter how hard we tried  without putting a butt load more money into it.  We had to say enough was enough. So, it has found a new spot in the front yard and will have a new owner soon.  After all, A/C is important when you are a female and these summers can bring temps in the 90’s and up. The other girls in the office would not appreciate it if I came in stinky from the drive over. Yuck!

It is true I didn’t go to the dealers looking for this type of car. I really didn’t know what I wanted. I had a few in mind, none a ford. But it looks sporty, is good on gas, has 4 doors and was in my price range—what else can a girl ask for! I am all about my cars looking cute but I am practical too!

We are impressed with the "get up and go" this little car has and its ability to "hug" the curves--important to an amateur Indy 500 driver like me! It also has a 6 disk CD Player and a awesome speaker system for all my jamming needs!

So here it is—we named him Johnny Cash!


Ivy Rose and Talisa in the new Family Car!

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  1. HaHA and you look damn sexy in that black car.