Friday, August 3, 2012

Ivy Rose

Ivy Rose is 4 Months old!

She weighs 21 lbs and is so smart!

She knows how to:

Sit and to only get up with command word
Roll over and show her belly
Touch—touch her nose to your hand
Lay Down
Step up
Drop it
Ring bell to go out
Go to her Bed and Home when asked to and we are working on walking on a leash!

She loves to swim in the big pool! She jumps in on her own and swims a few laps by herself! She also loves to go on rides in the pool on her floaty! She loves finding treats in her Brain Game and will do anything for some turkey!

She is finally finished getting her puppy shots and next week gets enrolled to attend Doggie Daycare! She will also be getting some training there to help with the jumping and nipping.

Ivy Rose has a lot of energy and is taking fewer puppy naps throughout the day. She sleeps all night in her home and lets her mommies sleep in!

Her puppy teething are really giving her a hard time and anything can be a victim of those sharp teeth!

She is a wonderful baby and going to be an amazing dog!

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  1. its amazing how big she is...and hom much shes learned. write again to tell how dog school is going.