Monday, August 13, 2012


Changes can be a good thing, changes give us a chance to take a deep breath and give our minds and soul and new start.

I recently had my house Feng Shuied. For the most part we were correct in paint choices and placement. With only a few things to change/add I got busy right away making list. I had the few things I could do now and a few things I could do later once we moved our living room to the new space. We only need to paint one full room; mostly our homework consisted of adding art work in the right places. We added a small fish tank in the entry way and a picture of a map. I am adding a shelf in the laundry room to have some bamboo with jade and emerald rocks. I need to hang some metal art work at the top of the basement stairs and some black and white art work in the dining room. I moved some of my crystals, added some statues, more house plants and plans of de-cluttering are in the works!

 I love the way positive changes make me feel—all fresh and new, moving in a new direction, the right direction!

I also found a new favorite store! It is called Inner Path Books. They have books, crystals, physics and classes! I seen a physic and was told once again I should pursue being a healer and open myself back up. She also said I was on the right path and this year is all about coming into myself, being ok with who I am and letting go. Shedding the old me that held on to all the pain from the past and looking at the negative. I am excited to become me; I am excited to see where this takes me.

I bought a pendulum and practicing with that every night.

 I am so lucky to have a loving partner that is open to let me explore!

 Next time I talk to a physic I think I will ask about my Desmoid Tumors but I think they are gone for good! Speaking of which I hear that Rosie O’Donnell’s girlfriend has be blessed with these as well, sad to say but this will be a good thing for the rest of us with this. She will bring a face to the media; talk of this rare disease will bring more research and maybe a cure. I feel I am cured, I feel good with little to no pain and I am in the best physical shape I have been in for awhile.  I would like to put this rare disease behind me—but I am only able to forget about it for 6 months at a time then reality comes back to me in the form of a MRI scan.

My favorite quote right now is:

                                Keep Trying
                                Keep Believing
                                Be Happy
                                Don’t get discouraged
                                Things will work out!

                                                                ~Gordon B Hinckley

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  1. : Don't Stop Believing. Hold on to that Feeling.