Monday, March 4, 2013

Paying Back the Savings Acct—

These next two months we are focused completely on repaying our savings acct. When I take money out of the savings I treat it like a Loan that needs repaid. I also have a minimum I like to keep in the savings at all times and a goal I am workings towards. We have depleted the savings with the Vacation in May—usually I take the tax return to pay for this but because of the delays in returns this year I could not wait that long to book a place. I also had to write some checks for the surprise in October and let’s not forget the recent furniture purchase. (shew) That is a lot going out and it’s now time to focus more on putting in!

 Saving and watching your money grow really is addicting! I feel so much better when I have my minimum in the acct and on top of the world when I meet my goal! But with constant home construction I often have to struggle to keep on top of it.

 This year, like most, we have a lot planned for our little house. These lists do not account for any small things that may come up as we go.

 Here is the list today—

                Replace ceilings in two rooms
                Replace windows—first floor and basement
                Finish up stairs
                Fix fire pit area
                Switch electric boxes
                Rewire pool
Next Year—

                Painting house/garages/sheds
                Fix driveway
                Redo pool deck

 We are purposely giving ourselves two years—two years to get all major things done and out of the way. From that point forward the projects will be few and far between!

 I can’t wait to stand back and admire the house after these two years and really take in all we have done for our 100 yr old home and land!

 It will have all new windows—upstairs/downstairs and in basement. It will have an upstairs with a bedroom, half bath and common room! It’s super insulated—blown in walls, floors and ceilings. It has a walk in closet/laundry room down stairs—laundry was in the pantry off the kitchen—and an entry room with a huge porch across the front! Let’s not forget the new metal roof with new gutters and a circle drive!

 To think back to when we first bought this place 4 short years ago, it is amazing what we have accomplished! It was a one bedroom with tiny pantry/laundry area and a tiny front porch.

We are so proud of what love and hard work have built <3 font="">

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  1. WoW! we are both busy and broke! HA!