Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My life is filled with….Lots of Love and lots of Happiness

I will be turning 30 this May and this October will mark our 5th year of home ownership! We are so lucky and so blessed to own our home and to be able to turn it into our dream home, for us and our future family. We might not have this whole adulthood thing figured out but I do know that 25 is a good age to buy a house and 32 is a good age to start filling it! Of course there is one surprise coming up that 30 is a great age for….

It is funny to me that a lot of people looking at our relationship would say it is not normal. But we couldn’t be any more normal, some would even say old fashioned. We believe in a savings account, financial responsibility and do not have credit cards. We believe in bonding as a couple, along with financial stability, before you bring little ones into the mix and most important we believe in true, old fashioned, love! We are completely dedicated to each other. We started as best friends and have not lost touch of that. We have a bond that has seen us through as children to adults and nothing can destroy that. We both go to work every day and come home every night. We spend our evenings and weekends together and have never questioned each other’s devotion. Our relationship is the kind songs are written about and everyone dreams about.

I can honestly say this is the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with, she is the one I am going to grow old with—without a doubt in my mind, we are perfect together!

For the next two years we are going to focus on getting our home, finances and our health ready for our next step--exploring the world of motherhood.

We only want one child because this is all we feel we can afford and give it the life we want. It is very important to us that our child gets to travel and experience life beyond the four wall of our home and the restrictions of our state. We are going to be those crazy parents who do things more naturally and keep our child sheltered from fast food; especially happy meals and soda. We want to take an active role in our child’s life, both of us, and be a physically active family. Most of all we want to eat all meals around the antique dining room table—the way my family did on Sunday’s.

I cannot wait to take this journey with Duste, she is going to make parenting fun! Her sense of humor, her laid back nature, her imagination and her knowledge-- all things I adore and hope our child will develop too! The newly built upstairs is all for our future child, enough space to call its own with a bedroom, playroom, walk in closet and bathroom. Along with over an acre to explore outside, with a loyal and playful dog, chickens and ducks; a pool in the summer and a hot tub in the winter; a separate play area away from the animals and their messes  and let’s not forget the fire pit area for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows! All this for our future child, we are going to be two very loving mothers!

I am so luck and so blessed to have this life and to share it with the love of my life!

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  1. . I love our life and our plans. I love US... the mighty empire that is you and me. You make me glow inside and out.