Friday, November 9, 2012

My house is truly where my heart is!

As I look around at what my house has become since the recent remodeling I can’t help but feel blessed! It has taken 4yrs, and more money than I care to remember, to get it to this point but it was worth it! My house is like a flower—a small plant when I bought it, slowly grew a bud and now it has become a beautiful flourishing flower! It has really taken shape and become more than even I could have imagined!

When we decided to buy a house we refused to become house poor and instead stayed within the budget of what we were paying for rent. No matter how much the bank begged we decided to buy below our allowed limit. I have never regretted that decision and because of that we have been able to go on vacations and make the house our own with personal changes that fit us!

Our house, as well as us, have grown so much over these past 4 years.

 This is going to be the house all family holidays happen, the house people gather—warm memories are being made here and for Keaton and all the future children this will be the only house these memories are surrounding. I like that, it makes my heart smile! I am happy to take over and be able to supply the children with a stable home that will always be; for my kids, for Keaton and for any others that may be in our family’s future. 

It’s important to me that my home is warm and inviting, lived in but nice and nicely put together. I love antiques but Duste will only allow usable antiques brought into the house, which is a good thing I must admit with babies, pets and family members. Now with the new layout of the house, I feel it is what is was suppose to be all along.

I hope we have made the past owners proud, as we tried to keep as much original pieces and keeping with the character of the house, after all that is why we fell in love with it! When buying antiques we not only keep in mind their condition and usability but also the date they were made.  I often buy pieces for rooms that aren’t done or even started—a piece here and a piece there—and when it comes time to bring them in and put it all together everything fits together like a puzzle. It’s like these pieces were meant for this house! Each piece has called to me and when this happens there is nothing Duste can do to talk me out of it and she is always happy with the results!

To say I have a connection with my house and my antiques would truly be an understatement! When I truly love something or someone I feel it on a spiritual level, in my soul…..



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  1. you have made a beautiful old house both heart and home. you are womderful