Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The End is Near....the end of remodeling for 2012 that is!

Our dreams house is coming along~

The upstairs is done for this year. Our contractor got the common room and hallway done and doors up for the other two rooms that will be finished next year! We painted and after the carpet went down we set up the room as a play area for Keaton. It looks so darn cute! I decorated the hallway in a family theme with a mother and daughter statue and family rules quotes on the wall.

We moved the living room and I am still in the process of rearranging the furniture. Today when I get home the new dining room will be painted and I am excited to get some of my dining room furniture moved in tomorrow!

 Over the weekend we moved out the table in the kitchen and replaced it with an antique I bought years ago. It is like a bar/butcher block type thing and it gives us so much more floor space! Love it!

The End of the house remodeling for 2012 is near~yay!!

This is next year’s list—

House Goals for 2013 and estimates

 Paint the house                                                    $2,000
Finished the two rooms upstairs                          $4,500
Build level fire pit area                                        $1,000
Replace fuse box                                                  $   ?
Rewire pool                                                          $   ?

I am hopeful I can get all of 2013 done with $8,000! We will see because if it is one thing I have learned living in a 100 year old house is things unplanned will always come up!

Future Goals

Build deck around pool
New roof and paint for garage (2) and shed (2)
Fix driveway
Replace 3 windows upstairs and 2 basement windows
Re-do downstairs bathroom

Our contractor always has a project at our house he can count on! Ha!

My big goal is to have the house completely finished by my mid 30’s. Then I will have more years to enjoy it then I did fixing it up!












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  1. Your living in A Dream House! Your a briliant planner and a financial Genius!