Friday, January 14, 2011

Another step closer to a “Greener” life

Can you believe it, it is already 2011—wow the time went fast!

As 2011 came, Dust and I thought; is there something else we can do to save us money and save the environment?

The answer was YES, of course!

This year's weakness—Paper Towels!! Darn paper towels always being there when I need them! Shame on me, instinctively grabbing for them! A new habit that I need to break!

So, back to I went! I cannot say enough about Barb and how wonderful she and her products are! LOVE her!

Paper Towel Tower

Since we use a lot of paper towels I bought 3 sets (24 towels per set) of Reusable Paper Towels. I knew if I was to put these in a drawer they would never get used so I ask Barb for some advice. She led me to where they make the cutest Unpaper Towel Dispensers! They sit on your countertop and you just grab one towel at a time from the front of the dispenser. They come in lots of different colors to match any décor. Yay! I love finding new things to make the transition easier! (will post picture of new set up soon!)

A look inside

So, if you are considering small steps to a greener future try going paper towel-less. Going Green is easier tackled if you start with small steps and work your way up-- Maybe just one room at a time even.
I am excited to be a little less depended on Walmart!!
The next weakness to overcome is Sandwich and Freezer bags—stay tuned for that journey!!


  1. I LOVE this! I haven't seen this before and paper towels are a big weakness of ours as well. I'm definitely going to look into this! I'm so excited!

  2. We have been using them for awhile now and the product is great! We haven't missed "real" paper towels at all!