Thursday, February 26, 2015

3 Months Home

It’s been 3 months since I left work!! It is amazing how quickly I have adjusted!

I keep myself busy cleaning this house—which I have been doing since the first day off! It’s crazy how it’s still not clean! I am doing more detail work along with the usual cleaning. Pinterest has become my inspiration. It has helped me come up with a cleaning schedule I somewhat stick to, lots of DIY tips and tricks and yummy healthy new meals!

I found using borax, dawn, vinegar and hot water strips all the grease from the cabinets. Then mixing olive oil and apple cider vinegar puts the shine back on and diminishes the water rings, and other unsightly things, on table tops!

I also found some amazing face mask and hair tricks!

I have done, and loved, the honey/baking soda mask followed by the apple cider toner with amazing immediate results! I also tried the complete face peel using gelatin—that was a little eye watering to remove!

Since my hairstylist is rebelling on curling my hair I have found no heat/overnight curls tricks. I have tried the several braids—this gave me 90’s crimp. I have tried the tiny buns – this wasn't bad but still not the best. Then I tried the twist and tuck around a head band. This came out the best but my short layer was way too poofy. So I combined the buns for my top layer and the rest went around the headband.

I also did the week of love on the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. My wife got lunch box love notes every day, homemade treats 3 days and small gifts with cute sayings the other two days. On Valentine’s Day we had massages, lunch at an Italian restaurant and dinner at the Castle of White! My greatest success that week was making a heart shaped cake!!

Another Pinterest tip I found—putting a wad of aluminum foil in the drier to rid clothes of static, who knew!

My wife loves that I use the things I find on Pinterest!

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