Wednesday, March 11, 2015

10 years— Looking back on my job at a Mental Health Facility.

Working in the Front Office of a counseling agency for 10 years with an all-female staff is as exhausting as it sounds.

What I have learned:

Working with all females was a terrible decision. It’s like High School every day with the cattiness, backstabbing and clicks. Most females, in a management position, cannot make decisions based on the facts—instead they lead with their emotions. I know that statement may set Woman’s Rights back 100 years but in this case it is true. Rules shouldn't change hourly or daily based on who is doing these actions and the mood of leader. Rules are rules are rules. For heaven sake lead by example! If they goal for the staff is to have their act together, do their work, show up and be honest then the leader of this company should do the same.

In the 10 years I was with this company I seen 3 leaders come and 2 go. Each had their own way of managing and the first two did a great job. However, the last was like having the blind lead the blind. There was fear when it came to discipline, often hiding behind supervisors to do her dirty work. When confronted with this she would cave and blame it all on the supervisor.

I worked with several therapist, most of these were the same throughout the years. Overall they were great. However, most lacked any common sense and ability to do anything for their self. I often asked if I needed to escort them to the bathroom, holding their hand along the way, to wipe their butts! Yes, it was that bad! So keep that in mind when you are depending on these people to help you with your issues. They have more of their own than you could ever have!

(This statement is not true for all therapist or even for all the therapist I worked with)

An unstable person should not, I repeat, Should NOT be in charge of the Front Office Staff. You should never lead by fear, intimidation or manipulation. This is what made working here for 10 years a living hell. This person is why I was put on medication, why I had so many health issues and why I left the company. Micromanaging your staff is not the answer to whatever is going on in your life.  

There you have it—what 10 years taught me and notice none of it had anything to do with the clients! 

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