Friday, February 21, 2014

A Pagan Valentine’s Day—aka Lupercalia

This year we have decided to celebrate the Holidays the way they started—with Pagan traditions! February 15th is our “valentine’s day”. Of course we know Pagans are all about food and sex (hehe) which is exactly how we spent our weekend! We started the morning with small gifts. For lunch Duste made us heart shaped ham steaks, for dinner we had pasta with wine and we each made desserts for one another. She made me Angel Food cupcakes with cherries on top and I made her peanut butter chocolate cookie cake! That’s as much detail as I will go into!

We have also decided to create a few Fairy Gardens, a Fairy Circle under the willow tree branches, a Gnome Home, add some trolls, woodland Oak God faces here and there and we will be on our way to a Pagan Paradise! I am super excited about the cuteness!

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