Friday, February 21, 2014

Tax Time

This is a stressful time for same sex couples, those who live in states that do not recognized their union anyway. We have been through our fair share of accountants but finally I think we have found “the one”.

This marks year number two for her and the fact she agreed to do our taxes again says a lot! (Ha!)

We did get some good news—as of 2013 we can now file jointly on our federal, once we are married in a state that allows that. So the new goal is to get married…..again. This time in Illinois and a lot cheaper/faster! I am trying to figure out how we can get this done while on vacation in May. She said we can go back to 2012 once we have this done. She also said this will benefit us when Duste is the only one working and I doing the stay at home mom thing. This way she can claim me, our child and qualify to receive the Child Tax Credit. (woohoo!)

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