Friday, January 3, 2014

2013--A Look Back

A Year ago, Dec 30th 2012, I was having my 3rd Desmoid Tumor removed surgically at IU Med Center and what a year it's been! Other than the scar and some very minimal stretching limitations I have no lingering evidence of any surgeries. This year, Duste and I took our health seriously--I am 40lbs lighter and 20" skinnier, Duste is an amazing 55lbs lighter and 26" skinner! We got Married--Oct 13th and I c...hanged my last name to reflect this! We went from a 30yr mortgaged to a 15, we finished our upstairs bringing us so close to our home renovation goals and we both got new to us vehicles! Duste got a new job she loves and with all the opportunities they offer it is perfect for our future! I would also like to mention, although she has been there less than a year, she has already moved up 2x's--I am very proud of her. Mr. Eli Joseph Lauyans was born proving there can be more than one cutest little boy in the world! My sister's family moved closer to us--just a few minutes south of our house, allowing us more quality time together! Over all--it's been a wild, crazy, exciting but great year!

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