Thursday, October 4, 2012

I am so lucky, I am so thankful

I have so much to be thankful for; so much I decided to write about it!

I have my health—I am in great shape, losing weight and strengthening/toning with Pilates/personal training and walking 4 miles during the week and 4 on the weekend with our baby Ivy Rose! My thyroid is stable and I am more emotionally stable then I have been in a long time.

I have my best friend and partner by my side—Duste is so great! She makes me whole, she makes me me and she makes me happy! She truly is my soul mate. I never get sick of spending time with her, I never want time away, the time we have together is never enough.  I never understood couples that need time apart. I never understood having away time. There is no one I rather be with than her! That has been the case since we were little and I don’t see it changing any time soon! She is the love of my life! I am so lucky to have found her and to be open enough to see it! She is perfect in every way. I have never spoken anything different. If I was with a man, I would never be happy and I would be one of those girls who needed time away and didn’t mind his guy time. Ha!

I have a wonderful Dog—Ivy Rose is our heart. She is 6 months old, attends dog school and puppy classes. She eats only the best dog food and treats. All this was very important to us when we decided to get another dog when our Sadie passed away. We would not be doing justice for Sadie’s Memory if we did not do all we could for the new one. We want to shape her to be the best dog she can be and we want to take an active role in dog ownership. There is nothing sadder than a dog that is mistreated or over looked and there is nothing more annoying than a misbehaved dog!

I have the home of our dreams—we were in our 20’s when we bought our house, not many people can say that anymore! We have never missed a payment and are very proud of that, not many can say that either. We took something that had lots of character and charm but was over 100yrs old and turned it into our dream home. We have done a lot of work to it and are continuing to work on it now but it is worth it. It is perfect!

For these things I am grateful—these things are the hardest to find! Because of my unrelenting pursuit of  happiness I have all this, because I would not settle, because I opened my eyes and looked past who society said I had to love, because I was willing to live like no one else early on I can now live like no one else!

We decided long ago we wanted to be in a good place before we brought children into this world. It was important to us to own a home, to have it the way we wanted, to have a savings account, to be able to make our bills every month without fail and to be debt free. We also wanted our time together, to make sure our bond was strong before our world changes with kids. When we have children we want to be able to actually afford them, something most people over look.

I have a blessed life. I am so lucky. I am so thankful!


  1. You are a old soul, wise and kind open and true. I am blessed to share my life with you. You are everything i wish the world could be. Everything i wanted you gave to me.

  2. a wise old woman once said:
    " be the change you want to see in the world" baby your it. you are the change i want to see in the world. the love in your eyes. the way you never quit. the changes for the good you constantly make. im a better person because of you.