Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Time!

I love spring! The weather has been wonderful here in Indiana. We’ve had lots of days in the upper 60’s-80 already! I love it when I don’t need either the air or the heat on, but we all know how I love to save money! Like I have mentioned in past post, I live in an older home that has wonderful windows lined up perfectly for the breeze and on the extra warm days I have an Exhaust Window fan that pulls out the heat and brings in the breeze. Typically my house stays comfortable; I consider anything over 80 and below 65 a little uncomfortable. But there have been times we will sit outside until the sun goes down because it is cooler outside than it is inside. I will wait for a long stretch of high 80’s before I will give in and turn on the Central Air. (One-three days is not considered a long stretch)  But that is just how I am and thankfully my partner feels the same way, or at least she puts up with it!

We are doing our best to prolong opening the pool until May, like I said we have had a few days already in the high 80’s. There is a lot of cost and work involved in opening a pool and I would like to keep both at bay for as long as possible. If you really think about it, a pool in Indiana does not make financial sense. We use it far less than it is worth, as far as the cost and time it takes to maintain it. We open in May, but often cannot get in till around June, because of water temp. We use it June and July then by August we are usually over it and use it very infrequently and typically close it by Labor Day. The cost to open and close the pool alone is $200+ not included is the cost of weekly and monthly up keep. Not to mention what it does to my electric bill when the filter is on, but as you guessed it, I do not leave the filter running. It is only turned on when I know we are going to use the pool that day.  All in all, it is a little silly to have a pool in Indiana but those days I am laying on my floatie on a hot summer day it might be hard to convince me!

I am excited to announce we have a new project! We have decided to redo my playhouse, currently being used a pool house. When I was a little girl my grandma Joan, my father’s mother, bought me a playhouse for her house. When she passed away I got the playhouse and moved it to my yard.  It was painted a few years ago, while still at my grandmas, by my father and it is manly shade of blue with black trim. When we pulled it into our yard we put a black metal 3-4ft fence around it with a double swing gate. We then planted wildflowers all around it. Now we are going to paint it “Sexy Pink” with “Butter Cream” trim. We are going to add some gingerbread trim around the window, roofline and gable. Along with a cute window box, solar porch lantern, mailbox and curtains! It is going to be so cute! We are also going to put a natural stone pathway leading from the gate to the door and a cute bench outside of the fence by the gate. It will do my heart some good to see my playhouse look so happy!


The nook Pergola is almost done. I have been absent from the building of this but I am hearing it is a pain in the butt and the ever doubting father is constantly questioning their ability to do this project. I am so glad my Duste did not inherit the “I can’t” attitude from her father.  That drives me crazy. She keeps pushing him and this project has become a big trust thing with them because he cannot “see” the big picture. She makes me so proud, she is amazing! There is very little she can’t do and she is willing to try anything I dream up!

So, the yard and landscaping is coming along very well and for the first time our yard is really starting to look good. Although I do worry that the way I decorate isn’t grown up enough….

Happy Easter and Spring!!


  1. i'd like to see more pics of your yard and pool and flowers

  2. W@W YOU are a DO-er where most people are just wishers... is this what happens when a doer and a dreamer get together?! amazing