Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Meal Plan

Easter snuck up on me this year, but I did catch it in time to make a meal plan! Typically we have Whole Roasted Chicken because of the saying Spring Chicken; chicken now reminds me of spring. But this year I was given a whole ham so we are having a ham for Easter. This changes what sides we have, of course. So here is the 2012 Easter Meal Plan!!

Ham—cooked on my countertop Roaster
Mashed potatoes—my special creamy hand mashed make ahead recipe
Pork Gravy—also with special seasonings
Greenbeans—provided by my sister
Deviled Eggs—my grandma’s recipe
Stuffing or Rolls—provided by my sister
Homemade Almond Cake—made by me (for those who don’t like cherry cobbler)
Cherry Cobbler—made by me, family favorite except by the one that doesn’t like it
Drinks—provided by our mom

 That’s the meal, now here is the plan:

The day before—

Dessert--make both
Deviled Eggs--make
Mashed taters—depending on temps the next day, if I want to have the oven on or not
Stuff Easter Eggs--fun!

The Day of--

Set up table in living room
Put table together (meaning put on table cloth and so on) unless it is warm enough to eat outside!
Put ham in Roaster.
Hide Easter Eggs

Enjoy Easter Sunday with my family! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter!!

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  1. it was recently in the national
    news that deviled egges left in the frig over night have been known to mysteriously dissapear.