Monday, April 16, 2012

Sadie Update!

Since my last post we took Sadie to have an X-ray. She was anything but happy about going back to the vet. What do I mean by that you ask; picture it—a part pit bull shaking all over and whining, not happy at all. Meanwhile mommy Talisa had a major melt down. I mean totally Freaking Out Man! I had my sister, father, soul mom and of course Duste very worried about me. There is something terribly wrong with sitting in a hot tub crying. To say it was a long night is an understatement! I was convinced it was Bone Cancer and I mean seriously crying my soul out at the thought of losing my Sadie. I was a mess.
In just a few short, but felt very long, hours later we had the result—Arthritis!! I have never been so happy about Mr. Arthur! This means it is manageable and we will get to keep her a little longer! Woohoo! I was too exhausted to show much excitement but on the inside I was dancing!

The vet did mention a shot called Adequan Canine. It is given two times a week for a month and then once a month there after. It helps ease arthritis symptoms as well as repair cartilage damage.  He said they have a few dogs on it right now and have seen amazing results. We talked about it and agreed right away, this is part of making her feel better and this is our job. We started the first shot right then. I have since looked up reviews for this and just like her Allergy meds, Atopica, it gets rave reviews! I am so glad this is available for her and for us. Seeing your dog in pain is a hard thing to watch. But try telling that to her, she thinks we are being so cruel taking her to the vet twice a week! For the second shot she wouldn’t go in a room and the vet had to give it to her in the waiting room. Mommy’s poor baby.

With this shot, her supplements and her allergy pills she should be like a new dog just in time for vacation!! I was so worried about what we would do when vacation time came and she wasn’t any better.

 Since the vet result we have done everything we can think of to make her daily life more comfortable. Duste redid her big dog bed—cutting an entrance in the front so she did not have to step up to get in bed. We also bought her a new mattress to go in her big bed and a smaller bed to go in the entry way. Grandpa Burnett brought her luxurious pillows and a Down Feather Comforter. We stuffed the pillows in her other bed that is in the living room, used the comforter in the bedroom and we put her old mattress in the bathroom—where she hides when there is a storm. As soon as my kitchen is done she will have one under the bar as well. Duste also built her a ramp over the back steps so she can get to the back yard easier.  On order she has a heating pad for her big bed and a ramp to help her in and out of the van. I think we are set for our older pet!
Sorry, I can not get this to flip!

Sadie in her new entry room bed

Sadie's new improved bed--before being painted

I wonder if Sadie knows how easy she has it, but it makes my heart happy that she will never know! I would never want my baby to know anything but the good life!

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