Thursday, April 9, 2015

MRI -- Desmoid Tumor

6 month MRI 3 years after my last Desmoid Tumor

I have been dealing with these tumors for 7 long years. This is the first time scheduling got screwed up. Seems the person who handled scheduling 6 months ago didn't do something right. 

When I didn't receive any paper work or phones call I knew something wasn't right. I called the day before to be sure everything was still going to happen—I was assured everything was fine.

I got there and registration didn't have me in their computer. Got down to radiology and they didn't have me on their schedule. I called, the lady at the desk called and someone dropped the ball. I was moments from walking out of the door not to return this year when they talked me into staying in the city for 3 more hours to have my MRI done at a nearby hospital. By doing it this way I would have to wait until Thursday for my results by phone. I knew the waiting would not be fun.

My anxiety was way higher than normal and after thinking about it, this was my first time dealing with this without my anxiety meds.

I am terrified of those words no one wants to hear: Re occurrence and Surgery.

Surgery is scary, recovery is tough and all this would delay the reason I am out of work—having our first child. It is very frustrating.

Then the phone rang…..

Blah, Blah, Blah—finally the words came I was waiting for…No re occurrence shown! Plus areas where surgery has been done is finally healing!!

It’s a new record for me—3 years since last surgery and no re occurrence!!

I am thankful, excited, amazed and beyond happy!! 


  1. Happy happy joy joy Happy happy joy joy joy 🐱

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