Thursday, November 6, 2014

My 3rd Marriage

With all the changes and legal issues we have had to get married 3 times. The first time was in October. The date we picked and the day we had the ceremony witnessed by our family and friends. The second time was in June when Indiana had a brief moment of clarity. This will be the third and hopefully finally time. The reason we have to do it yet again is because the marriage license we received in June has male/female and because of that it is invalid. Yeah, I thought it was just a technicality to get our money yet again but we will do it, what other choice do we have?

At the start of next year I will be on my wife’s insurance, like a real life married couple! That may sound silly to most but I am super excited about it! I am sad I will no longer have my “Obama Care” Insurance as it is AWESOME but with the new laws in place I have to. (Have I mentioned I am super excited to?)
However, it seems my new insurance is pretty good as well!

Woohoo!! Excited to be a real married couple who have the same insurance and file taxes together!

Oh—it’s the little things! 

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