Friday, August 1, 2014

Funny things a 5 year old says….

A Fun conversation in the car—it went like this:

 Keaton: Why do you have a baby bed?

Me: Nene and I are going to have a baby one day, what do you think about that?

Keaton: --silent

Me: do you want us to have a boy or a girl?

Keaton: a boy!

Me: Ewe, another stinky boy!

Keaton: --Laughs and shakes his head yes--

--silence in the back seat—

Keaton: You have a girl dog?

Me:- thinking we have moved on to a new topic- Yes Ivy is a girl and you have Brutus and he is a boy.

Keaton: you and Nene will have two babies!

Me: We will, why is that?

Keaton: Because mommy had a baby in her belly and you and Nene are girls so you will have two babies!

Me: OH!
Attack of the Ants!

We, Nene and I, had the privilege of taking Keaton to his Pre-K open house. When we met his teachers they asked who he had brought with him. At first he didn’t answer, the teacher asked are these your’ Aunts? After some encouragement from NeNe he said NeNe and NawNaw. Confused by this, I spoke up—yes we are his Aunts.

He later informed his mother:
NawNaw said she was an Ant—she’s not a bug!

Keaton’s favorite joke is one he made up himself. It goes:

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Chicken Bowl!


When asked what a chicken bowl is he responds, as though we should know:

It’s a bowl with a chicken in it, NawNaw!
Keaton announces he doesn't know all his numbers. I encourage him he does, knowing I have heard him count before. He states: No, not those, the other numbers. He then begins trying to say his A B C’s. For a few seconds he starts putting letters together then stops and says:  I can’t know those numbers but I know the other ones, listen!
--starts counting—


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