Monday, June 2, 2014

It’s hot and I have a pool….

 Things I wish I knew before investing the money on a swimming pool.

Opening a pool is a LOT of work and is very time consuming. We uncover the pool; bring the water level back up so we can run the pump. Chemical dumping begins and sounds of money going down the potty starts!  Then the best part—scoop, scoop, scooping. Cleaning at every spare moment, scooping the top and the bottom, which you can only do from in the pool, before work-after work and all weekend. Also make time to check the skimmer basket, backwash and rinse the pump. Did I mention this is all you get done? YUCK!

Keep in mind where you are located and the length of your summers. Being in Indiana we use our pool a total of 3 months. To me this amount of work and time is not worth 3 months of use. PLUS—the amount of electricity used to run the pump, which runs up my bill. Combine this with the use of the AC and my electric bill is crazy!

Hot tubs are a wonderful investment. A hot tub is a small self contained of relaxing fun. You put in a small amount of Chlorine after you use it and that is it really. Here we can easily get 9 months of use out of our hot tub. Unlike a pool, very little electric is used to keep the hot tub warm!

So, in my opinion hot tubs are way better choice!

The lesson I have learned! 

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