Monday, June 16, 2014

Changes, scary Changes.....

Taking the Leap….

I am not a risk taker; I have been cautions all my life. Making the decision to leave employment is a big decision, a decision I didn't
 make quickly. It is financially risky, a risk that is extremely scary for me. Even though I have made choices and decisions to make sure I will be fine while in between insurance companies I am still nervous. I am nervous to leave my job. Not because I love it but because I get a pay check. Financial responsibility is very important to me.
I switched my 2nd MRI scan from December up to October, before I leave my job, to insure everything is stable. I switched my family doctor to one that also has a Sliding Fee for that little time I’m without insurance. While making the switch to a new family doctor I combined my mental health doctor with my family doctor so all my medication will be more affordable while I’m without insurance.

I have studied, worked and reworked our budget a thousand times. We can do this—I just want to be sure.  I am still in the process of cutting cost where possible to insure we are not living too close to the edge.

My sweetie is doing all she can to make more money. She put in for, and received, a better paying position. She is taking classes and test for raises. She reassures me this is the right decision. The only decision there is for my health and the future of our family. We both want me to be a stay at home mom and having a family needs to happen sooner rather than later at this point.

Like a dear co-worker pointed out, what is the alternative? I cannot stay at my current place of employment; my health care provider has even pointed that out.

Change, even for the better, is scary.

I am still several months away from the jump but here I stand, close to the edge wondering if there really is a net. 

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