Monday, March 31, 2014

Relaxing Sunday’s

Life is short, time in this body on this planet is not guaranteed; take time for the love (s) of your life!

Sunday is our hibernation day. We stay in our comfy clothes around the house, do small projects if any, run no errands and see no one but each other. We take the time for a long hot relaxing bath complete with smell good and candles. We always spend the evening, if not the day, in bed watching movies! We promise our time, our self to no one on Sunday, except each other.

It is ridiculous to feel guilty about this. Every person, every couple, every family needs this time together one day a week, that isn't too much to ask. Stop, breath, enjoy, catch up and settle down. The craziness can wait, life can wait. Take this time, cherish this time and make time for the person, people that makes it all worthwhile!

When you make your family your priority, it will be stronger and nothing but good can come from this! 

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