Monday, February 27, 2012

Duste’s Birthday~

 A few weeks ago Duste told me a story about her childhood. It is hard to imagine after all the years she still has stories I haven’t heard. She was young, elementary age, and one day she came home to find a Pet Canary! She was so happy and loved listening to it sing. A few days later, she came home to find the bird was gone. Her mother had gotten rid of it because she didn’t like its singing. This was nothing new for her house. Her mother often got things and then gotten rid of them, no matters who it belonged to or how that person felt about it. She treated Duste’s belongings like her own and her room as a common room in the house. Duste would often come home to find her things moved, changed or missing. Beds, radios, dresser nothing was off limits. She also told me a story about her Aloe plant. She got a small aloe plant from the grocery store and watched it grow. This plant was in her room and grew to be 3ft tall! She was so proud of that plant. Then her mom decided she didn’t want it in her house anymore. She made Duste plant it outside knowing it would never survive an Indiana Winter. Duste was so upset when it died and never came back.

 So, what is a loving partner suppose to do with these two stories; get Duste an Aloe plant and a Canary of course!

I grew up with birds. I have had finches, parakeets, doves, cockatiels, love birds and blue cheeked conur. I swore I would never get another bird just like I swore I would never again own house plants, any more fish or another cat….needless to say, I am collecting houseplants again, a feral kitten broke his way into my house and my heart and  I am thinking about a fish. There is just something about these few things that I cannot distance myself from. So, I now swear I will keep these things under control. Only get one bird and keep it till it dies, a few houseplants I can take care of and that can stay healthy and really really try to resist that fish!

I have never owned a canary before so I did lots of research—that’s just what I do, well that and plan! We picked out a cage that would be good for the bird and the décor of the house. Chose a place to hang the cage and got it all set up. Then we went, a week early, to pick out the bird. He is a 5 month old Waterslager Canary named Conway Tweety! We started playing Canaries singing on YouTube for him and he quickly picked up new notes and songs. Duste just loves him, she can’t get over him! She also loved the Aloe plant but it isn’t as entertaining as Conway Tweety!

 Oh the things we do to make each other happy!

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  1. Lucky is a better name than Duste for your partner. Lucky to have someone like you.