Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Reinvention of Talisa

3 months after turning 28 I have an itch; an itch to reinvent myself, yet again. Looking back over the years I have gone through these phases. Changing from the well put together look to the hippie look. This time I would like to keep both looks in my closet. This is the cheapest solution anyway. Maybe the key is mixing these two looks, yeah it sounds impossible but I am thinking I can do it. I am thinking Smart Casual at work and Hippie girl at home. Soon, I will be cutting my hrs at work and only working 2.5 days so that will free up a lot of time for my hippie side. The two sides of Talisa—the Smart Casual girl at work and the Hippie girl at heart! Ha!

I think it is natural for my age group to feel in limbo with their look. I am not in my early 20's anymore but I am not in my mid 30's. I want to update my look—including my hair, my makeup and my clothes. I do not want to be stuck with my high school look when I am an adult. I want to look put together, nice, responsible but not prudish.

Step one—get a free makeover to try new makeup.

After Yoga and personal training I took myself to Merle Normans and re-learned how to apply makeup, correctly. I am now the owner of lots of brushes, colors and tools. Of course I made it my own and am going with a more natural look. I now wear foundation, eye shadow and eye liner. I also have some lip color but I am bad at putting it on over and over again throughout the day. Because of what I have learned I will be saving us some money and will be doing my sisters and my own makeup at her wedding! Score for me!

Step two—new look, new clothes (pic coming soon)

Duste took me to a second hand store in Greenwood and I got a few new dresses. Short (to the knee) adult dresses that come in around the waist to show off all my hard work! Hippie dresses are free flowing and comfortable, great when you are out of shape or rather do not have a shape. I also am in the process of finding some Trouser Pants for work (yay! adult pants). I am not the size I want to be currently but am hoping I am a little closer to the size I do to make these work. I have also ordered a few tops for my new look—I am so excited!

Step Three—hair today gone tomorrow!

My new hair!
Coming soon! This Friday I am hopeful I will get my hair cut short! We will see if my hairstylist will go for it. I have been sending her pics of different looks for several weeks now so we should be on the same page. I want it no longer than to the top of my shoulders. But because of my sister's wedding everyone is hesitating, thinking I will hate it and it will be forever in wedding pics. I say lets go for it! I am not a fan of straight hair on me because it is just lifeless and lies there, besides I look too much like my dad when it is straight. I am a fan of curly, curly because it does not have to be perfect and gives you more room for play. With straight hair I get a little crazy that every hair is in its place. But with curly, short and too much body it will make my face look fat so you can see where this is a little nerve racking. I am so excited to see how this turns out!

Maybe I will post pics when my look is complete—a little before and after. I am like a butterfly; going in the cocoon a young adult coming out a full blown adult! Yay!

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  1. You turn out sexy! You are and continue to be the crush of my heart and love of my life.
    OXOXOX Duste