Friday, March 11, 2011

The Secret—the book

So, one day we were browsing through the movies available to watch instantly on Netflix and stumbled on The Secret. I know, I know I am a few years behind here. It was a short movie so we watched it.
This reminded me a lot of what my teacher, Vincent Darlage, taught me at Indiana Business College. Affirmations I believe he called it. This is like affirmations but way more serious, way more involved. Since I have seen the movie I decided to borrow the book to get a little more information about all this.
As you could have guessed by my last post I am giving it a try. Why not, I say, I could use a little more positive thinking in my life!

I have created a "goal board" at work that I stare at often. When I have a few minutes I go through what all the pictures mean to me. I put myself there and I feel what it would be like to have those things. If nothing else it makes me feel good for a few minutes! I also think about what I am thankful for and what is on my goal board as I fall asleep.

My soul mother has always believed in positive thinking. She taught me to surround myself with people that love and support me and do away with the ones that cause pain and stress. Since listening to her my life has never been so good. Sure there have been a few stumbling blocks pop up but nothing like it used to be. I used to live my life always upset, always stressed and always worried. I could count on one hand the number of times I was happy. But I grew up this way so this way was normal. It wasn't until my soul ached that I began seeking out a different way of life. I am so thankful I took that step, I am so happy I rocked the boat!

So, yes I can see that this works.
Maybe I will not be a millionaire, but that is not on my goal board anyway.

Change your life by changing your way of thinking—brilliant!
 I am all about doing something different when the same old stuff isn't working!

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