Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here Comes the Sun--Here Comes Sun--and I say--Its All Right!!

Positive Changes

I am so thankful, I am so happy, I am so excited! Things are really turning around for us—things are really working out for us!

finally got that phone call!! She starts her new job at a wonderful factory with wonderful household insurance in a few days!! And wait it gets better, it is for a FIRST SHIFT position!! This is almost unheard of with this company—typically they start you out on 2nd or 3rd and you wait for years to get at 1st position!! Yay!!!

Next up is the enclosed porch—soon to be a mudd room. We had several estimates done and one came in at exactly what we were thinking. After making some adjustments he came down another $250! We first thought it would be a few weeks but as we began buying furniture for the room the contractor showed up and started the job this week! Yay!

The next thing is going to take a little more back story—across the street from our house is a wooded lot with a run/falling down 100yr old house. A sign appeared announcing a proposal has been filed for a change of land use. Fearing the worst we called and found out they were planning on putting 79 self storage units there. Then a letter came stating they want the city to wave the code stating they have to put in landscaping. So, we hit the neighborhood with a petition. A few days later came the public hearing. We walked in and sat among the suites. It was a 3hr meeting consisting of several proposals around the city. The proposal we came for was presented last. The man who bought the property presented his case very well. He was prepared for me as he got my letter and petition ahead of time. Most of my questions were answered but I am quick on my feet and thought of more when it was the public's turn to talk. I have to add here—typically when I speak in front of people my face turns red and I stumble through what I am trying to say. So, I stood up and stated my name and address and started my questions. My face never turned red and I talked for 30mins! A long story short—it passed but with my conditions! Yay #3!

Like I have posted before, I am reading the book The Secret. It is all about positive thinking: Ask, Believe, Receive! Could this be the reason behind the sudden positive changes?! I am going to continue doing what I am doing and keep thinking positive!

Next week I will have an even bigger positive change to post! YAY!!

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