Friday, December 17, 2010

Clear MRI

Yes, that is right! My 3 month MRI is clear, which means no signs of any re-growth!! Woo-hoo!!
I felt pretty positive about this test; it is all the other MRI's after this one that makes me nervous. Duste, however, was a nervous wreck. We are both glad it is over and behind us—for another 6 months!

I did find out the Dr implanted some sort of marking indicators that would show up on the MRI so they can easily see the margins of the last tumor. He said everything was there that he expected and nothing was there that he didn't. The MRI machine that we used gave great pictures in just half the time so we are going to continue using that machine from now on. Which means traveling to Indianapolis for an all day event but I am all for it if it means clearer pictures!

Physical Therapy is going great and she is super impressed with my improvements during the two weeks I didn't see her. I would like to take this time to proudly announce I can once again sit "Indian style", for a little while anyway! I still haven't mastered walking up and down the stairs like a normal person but it is getting better! My knee is also starting to act right and we are doing a little more weight training to get it strengthen back up. I have to say, losing a muscle really isn't stopping me!

Also, this week Duste had to have a tooth surgically removed, a first for us both. She came through it ok and now is on the road to recovery. We have one more serious doctor's appt before Christmas and then we are on a break from all medical emergencies—at least if I get my way!

Top~3months after surgery #2
Bottom~sitting "indian style" creates an indent from the missing muscle

Happy holidays—from Duste and Talisa

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