Monday, November 29, 2010



Holidays are very stressful for me as I am sure they are to some of you. I am not sure when it became so stressful and why but they are none the less. I do not get stressed preparing my own Thanksgiving at my house but going to my families Thanksgiving stresses me out! I much prefer my own Thanksgiving. It is just a small gathering of my sister, her family, Duste's parents, Duste and I but we all love each other and are very close. We are not fake and we are not acting. I like that, it is real. The Thanksgiving with my extended family is a lot of acting. Now, I am civil to everyone but I am sure the ones I do not like are fully aware and I prefer it that way. It just kills me that when, the person no one likes but acts like it, leaves everyone talks about her. Poor girl really thinks my family likes her. Our family dynamics have changed dramatically over the years. My grandma is now sick and frail. My grandpa, the glue that held us all together, has been gone for several years now. My aunt, the life of the party, passed recently. So, the ones that are left are a little broken and it is almost like we don't fit together anymore. Maybe it is just me; maybe I am the only one that notices a difference. All I know is we were a little screwed up before the deaths and now we are severely screwed up—crazy families are only funny on TV, not in real life!

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