Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Pictures of my world!

Pictured is Duste, Talisa (me) and our nephew Keaton Michael

I thought I would share with you a look into my life! Home is where your heart should be, it should be a place you long to be. Home is always a safe and loving place, home is where I would rather be!

This is our Garden--it is 8'X24'. We planted Tomatoes (Small and Big ones) Bell Peppers, Spinach, Romain Lett, Broccoli and Cucumbers!
We have it fenced off because of the girls. (hens) The black trash can is a make shift rain barrel!

We also have a strawberry patch!

This is our outside extended chicken coop! They also have an inside coop that is in the heated garage. When we are at work the girls stay in the coop but when we come home they have the run of the yard! (The Roster on top is fake!) We cage them while we are at work because of the hawks and other predators.

This is my Chicken Proof back porch! Thanks to Duste and her Dad! I have trellis around the porch and a gate across the walk way.  I also have my new humming bird feeders up on hooks and a dinner bell that can be heard in the back 40~as Duste calls it! The hens are also in this picture but they are a little far away.

This is a better picture of the girls--also in this picture is my little man Keaton Michael and I.
Hope you enjoyed a look into my life!
Life changes fast, take the time to enjoy it and love the people in it!

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