Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some inches lost!

Yesterday, May 18th, I was able to get into my work pants! It is a small step but it is a step that was the point of all this! My pants still fit a bit snug but I am able to button them! Finally--Some results!

It has been hard to just eat half of what I normally do, especially when we eat my favorite foods! I will admit it is hard to make myself exercise with my Wii Fit on those days that work leaves me feeling exhausted but I am getting 3 days or more in each week!

My Wii Fit says I lost 3.5lbs, just as long as I can get into my pants I am happy! So, I will continue to do what I am doing and will try to get on the Wii Fit more! I am thinking a goal of 10 pounds is good. I would like to lose an additional 6.5lbs in 4 weeks--lets see how I do!

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