Monday, August 5, 2013

What a wonderful Saturday….

We spent Saturday evening at my sisters. Eli Joseph was past due for his newborn announcement photos and I wanted to get a few shots of both boys together. Over all I think both boys did amazing, letting us pose and change outfits several times! I may be a bit bias but I have very adorable nephews!

 After pictures Duste and Amanda made us an awesome dinner of grilled pork chops and chicken and sides of veggies, corn and mac-n-cheese! Then we all, including the dogs, went for a mile walk around their neighborhood. What a wonderful evening spent with family!

Earlier in the day I spent half the day with my wonderful Soul Mom! We went junk shopping, I found some great things for the boys and our surprise in October. We had lunch at a great sandwich shop and enjoyed each other’s company. I love spending time with her, regardless what we are doing!

My poor sweetie had to work Saturday, which is why I chose to spend time with Brenda. Not that we can’t do that together, but my sweetie hates junking and I get a little one track minded when she is home and only want to spend time with my sweetie! We are still like kids and can’t get enough time together.  

Livin’ the good life!

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  1. life is good and keeps getting better with you at my side.