Monday, June 10, 2013

Duste is no longer a Temp!

My sweet, perfect, wonderful Duste got hired on!! She is no longer a temp and unlike most places this company hired her right at her 90 days! She will be eligible for insurance in a few short months, gets a $2 raise immediately and another $2’s right around the corner. Next week she will get her uniform, which will help tremendously as her “work” clothes are getting too big and there is a lot of prewashing, soaking and washing that goes into getting these clean. This company also offers lots of opportunities to earn extra raises!

 Meanwhile, we are thinking outside the box on how we can get me insurance, without having to work. Only one factory in town offers household insurance and unfortunately that factory is one of the hardest to actually get hired on at. So, until they legalize same sex marriage in our state we have no choice but to look for a worm hole. In October I can look into getting private insurance but my state also offers Health Indiana Plan. Of course the issue with that is you have to be without insurance 6 months and you cannot be eligible for insurance at work. It does not cover dental, vision or pregnancy care, for that I would have to apply for Medicaid. It’s a big risk to take. I would much rather have private insurance if we can afford it. We will know this in October.

We are working our way to our goal and so very excited!

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  1. Baby I did it all for you. All I ever wanted was you...You proud of Me...