Tuesday, July 19, 2011

6 month MRI

Well, I had my 6 Month MRI last week and the results are CLEAR!! I knew they would be but it is a little nerve racking. That morning, while I was getting ready to make the hour car ride up there, I was thinking there is something wrong with me putting in all the effort of getting ready to be tortured! Ha!

We got there a few mins early so we could grab a bit in the cafĂ© for lunch. (My MRI was at 12:15 and it takes a few hours)The smells of the food made me nauseous. All those memories of being in the hospital, being sick to my stomach and smelling that food and they came flooding back. It is funny how the nose and the brain connect that way.

They had me go to a new location in the hospital for my scan this time. The tube I was in was shorter and opened at both ends—so the top of my head and my feet stuck out. The MRI Tech was super nice and did a wonderful job putting up with my questions. (I can only take 15cc of a certain dye injected very slowly or I get sick) She didn't even leave a bruise! To make the scan more tolerable I jammed to Stevie Nicks Greatest Hits Crystal Vision. (Did I mention I am going to see her in Aug!!) I think with the next scan I will jam to some Jimi Hendrixs—that should cover that loud banging the machine makes! Then I headed to my doctor's office located in the same hospital—there is something wrong with knowing your way around a hospital.

I waited 3hrs to talk to the doctor for 10mins. Which is typical. I had him show me and my soul mom my MRI on the screen because I was concerned with Scar Tissue—my second tumor was missed because it was classified as "scar tissue" for two years. My scar tissue is just right behind the scar and follows it—it gets questionable when it is more round. He said even the scar tissue on my first surgery has changed and it is right behind the scar as well! He said he can also see a big difference in my muscles since the last scan—late last year. It's all the physical activities I am doing—physical therapy and now personal training and yoga. Yay! My next scan is the end of this year and I predict it is going to show a normal leg with little to no scar tissue.

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

- Hans Christian Anderson  


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