Friday, May 20, 2011

Chemicals and poisons are everywhere and in everything---Ahh!

Well, like a lot of the things I do, when I started looking into one thing it leads to several and before I know it I am drowning in all the new information!!
Let me start from the beginning—
I am sure you all have heard the rumors about plastics leaking chemicals when it is warmed. Well we all knew plastic was bad but who knew it was evil! I have heard not to drink water from a water bottle that has been left in the car—ok, well I do not buy water in those plastic containers anyway so that isn't a problem. But that got me to thinking, if you cannot get the plastic as warm as it is in your car then what is happening when you put it in the microwave or dishwasher? Turns out plastic is trying to kill us! It leaks bad chemicals into our food and or drinks as it is warmed. The exact chemicals depend on the type of plastic it is but they are all bad. Not too long ago you started seeing BPA Free on a lot of baby things—this is a chemical that is in plastic that can cause severe damage to babies and adults alike. Here is a link to a website where you can read all about it --
So, I did away with all my plastic storage containers, cups, bowls, plates everything. I replaced it all with glass. Glass storage containers, glass mixing bowls, glass cereal bowls, glass cups and glass plates! We found a wonderful deal at local thrift store that had plates Duste remembered from her grandparents' house and they were half off—perfect!
Soon this led to my pots and pans—turns out the non stick coating on pots and pans is also bad. Now I admit I had heard this before, before I was so opened to this type of thing, before my tumors and never paid any attention to it. But now it seems I should really be watchful of what goes into my body. I did some research on Teflon and it doesn't sound good either. Here is one article you can check out—
So back to the internet I went. I researched my alternatives and came across the old cookware Visions by Corning Pyrex in Amber!  I remember this old stuff and loved it! I am all about surrounding myself with things that remind me of the happy times in my childhood! So, I am in the process of replacing all my non-stick pots, pans and bake ware with glass. I have read the pros and cons of glass, asked a few older ladies who have used it for years and have decided this is for me! I am so excited!
Well, that was my week's journey. It amazes me that for anything I wonder, anything I question, the internet has a surplus of answers and evidence ready and waiting for me. I love that! I love to be free to wonder, free to question and have the answers there waiting for you to discover them!
HAPPY and HEALTHY cooking and eating everyone!

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